Terry Foster | Co-Owner & Artistic Director

Terry Foster's work understandably speaks for itself. He has been in the fashion and beauty industry designing, cutting and dressing hair for over two decades. He was originally brought to New York by Bergdorf Goodman and has since worked in all fields requiring creative hair, whether edgy, classic or whimsical, it's always "chic".

His work in advertising for beauty and fashion has appeared in all the major fashion magazines in the US and abroad. He has worked with several celebrities for extended periods as well as model spokespersons for numerous cosmetic lines. He has worked as a consultant to various companies, developing hair products and continues to consult within the industry now. His famous haircuts are designed and executed to rely on your particular hair texture and type, reducing the time it requires for you to maintain it. Terry's haircuts are known for longevity and retention of their individual shape.

He is noted for the natural looking hair color he customizes for each client, along with the subtle highlights he calls "naturalizing", that eliminates obvious regrowth. A look that says... "You just look like you've been in the sun a bit."

The majority of his time is now spent in the new salon where he has a diverse clientele of people and families from all walks of life. In some cases, three generations that he has always valued and kept as a private clientele throughout his career. No matter what their age, 18 or ? They ALL require chic!

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